Monday, January 20, 2014

52 Ancestors -Week 4 - Nancy Elizabeth Findley

Nancy Elizabeth Findley was born in January 1849 in Rankin, Mississippi and died on December 27, 1907 when my grandmother was 20. I don’t know anything about this family. My mom talked a lot about her parents but not her grandparents. They were gone before she was born and we don’t know when my great grandfather died. I know the information is out there somewhere but I haven’t been researching this side of the family long enough to have scratched the surface.

My goal now is to track the family back to the Mayflower. There are some gaps in the research which may mean that I have incorrect information and the trail to 1620 will go cold. Still, it is worth the effort. 

The major problem that I see in the near future is to decide what the correct last name is for Nancy Elizabeth Findley. While I’m at it, I also need to track down the correct birth and death dates. Nothing here seems to match.

Is it Findley, Finley, or Finlay? My mom’s research indicates that Findley is correct because she was very careful with her records and some of it comes from documents she collected. However, the census for two separate decades shows it as Finley. For one census, I might buy the difference but the two of them concern me.  I am waiting for someone to find the graveyard and see if there is a headstone. It’s on the request list for Find-A-Grave but it’s been awhile. It may have to wait until next summer when we make our annual trip to visit family in Texas to find the graveyard myself.

Still, I went into and changed all the names from Finley to Findley and guess what? Little hints started to pop up on all the family members. All the death certificates for the children used the name Findley. Now I believe that the census takers were way off base and guessed at the spelling but didn't ask. All members of the family could read and write so there shouldn't have been an issue. 

Making a judgment call, I am going to call Nancy Elizabeth Findley as correct and move back one generation to Martha Mary Fussell. She was my 2nd great grandmother and her name is spelled wrong too. 

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  1. Well hello cousin.

    My grandmother, Martha Jane Findley, was sister to your Nancy Elizabeth Findley. I am an avid genealogist and have information on this line. I would be happy to share if you are interested.