Monday, January 27, 2014

52 Ancestors - Week 5 - Martha Mary Fussell

I keep hoping that as I travel back in time, someone else will be related to me. This time frame is murky and I am not really sure how accurate my facts are.

Martha Mary Fussell was born in 1825 in Washington Par, Louisiana. The year is based on 1850 census and she was living in Mississippi. That fact seems to be correct as the family went from Mississippi to Texas. I haven't found any birth records so am taking the date from the 1850 census although the 1880 census shows it as 1830. That's a five year difference. I do have a marriage record with John Finley (again without the "D" in Findley) to Martha Fussell in 1845 in Mississippi. On the 1880 census, it shows another child that I had not seen before. On the census, it says the child was adopted and has a different last name. Something else to research.

I don't have a death record for Martha either but I know she died in Texas. After spending two years researching the other side of my family, I find this frustrating. What I write today will change as I get more clues but I want the information now. Even the in-depth research on the Rhea side still changes frequently as little tidbits pop up out of nowhere and change what I know.

Still, as of today, this is what I know about my 2nd great grandmother and I think that it's correct with the information I currently have so I am going back another generation to Mary B "Polly" Morris.

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