Monday, February 17, 2014

52 Ancestors - Week 8 - Elizabeth Sarah Cargill

Elizabeth Sarah is my 5th great grandmother. At this point, I am related to a lot more people. There are over 300 connections for her on 

John Cargill and Rachel Tinsley had 10 children. John was very fair in dividing up his property. He made sure that his "beloved Rachel" got what she needed to survive without him but for some reason it appears that he and Rachel died on the same day. I can't find any information that says differently but I suspect the information may be incorrect. 

The other thing I find interesting is that Elizabeth is not mentioned in the will. She was married to Wettenhall Warner and the land went to him. Wettenhall was the Justice of the Peace in the Orangeburgh Distict during the Revolutionary War. There is a side note here, it is mentioned that he may be a possible descendant of Pocahontas. There is no information to back that up so it's one of those legends that gets passed down. It may or may not be even close to the truth.

Wettenhall and Elizabeth were charter members of the oldest Baptist Church in South Carolina. Several of their sons and son-in-laws were ministers.

Elizabeth was born in Lunenburg, Virginia on February 4, 1749. She married Wettenhall at the age of 17 on July 29, 1766.

She passed away on March 17, 1787 at the age of 38. She had given birth to fraternal twin on March 5, 1787 so one has to guess that her death at such a young age was related to the birth of the twins although there is no documentation to support the theory. What a loss for her children.    


  1. Guessing women didn't have a lot of rights back then.

  2. Hi Ann, I have an interest in ancestry as well with family that goes back to pre-revolutionary days as well. Plus, I am now an AZTech member and will be joining you and the rest of the team for the AtoZ Challenge!