Monday, February 24, 2014

52 Ancestors - Week 9 - Rachel Tinsley

My 6th great grandmother.

Rachel Tinsley was born in Antrim Parish, Virginia in 1718.

She married John Cargill in 1739 at the age of 21 and died on April 9, 1777 at the age of 59.

There are 252 connections on I have not reviewed yet but for now, that's all the information I have. Like all of us researching family, it is a long and involved process. It took two years to really understand my great grandmother on my father's side and just when I thought I had it down, two pieces of important information appeared to change what I thought I knew. I know eventually I will find more clues but with that many people with her in their trees leads me to believe I am still on the right track to the Mayflower.

Now I begin to wonder if any of us have correct information. I guess the easiest way to determine what is correct is to mail in my descendant list and see if John and Rachel Cargill are the correct descendants from the Mayflower. There is a lot of information on John Cargill but there are several Cargill's that come up when researching.

Since I am doing 52 weeks and this is week 9 - I can change my focus and wait for the California Mayflower Society to get back to me.

One point that makes me suspect that there might be an error her is the death date for John and Rachel. It is the same date and it appears to be on everyone's tree. In his will, he left his wife comfortable. The will was dated 1777 and they both died on April 9, 1777. Looks a little fishy to me and there is no documentation to confirm the dates.


  1. Wow! You are creating a beautiful legacy for your family with this blog.

  2. I bet the research gets really intense and confusing, when going back through all those records. Still, it's a fascinating journey and I'm betting it's a whole lot of fun too :)

  3. I've always found it very interesting to research family history. This is a really nice project you're working on!