Monday, March 17, 2014

52 Ancestors - Week 12 - New Cousin, granddaughter of Nola Mae Yeakley

This is really exciting. I just found an entry on Family Search made by Jan. It's about my grandfather, Ernest Marvin Yeakley and says:

"Marvin lived with Dr. George Washington Yeakley and was educated by him. Marvin became a teacher, superintendent of schools in Iowa Park, Texas. He was owner of a newspaper in Brinkley, Oklahoma and a newspaper printer. "

That's something I didn't know so I wrote to her. She responded with some pictures of the family that I hadn't seen.

This is a picture of her grandmother, Nola Mae Yeakley. She was the sister of my grandfather. My cousin Christine looked very much like her. She had dark hair and eyes too. As a child, I always wondered who Christine looked like but now I know. 

Jan has a lot of family information so we can share what we know. It is very exciting to find someone else who has part of the family history and is willing to share! 

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  1. Such a nice way to connect with others, especially when you share a common interest. Nola looks like a strong, determined young woman, and feisty too.

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