Friday, March 21, 2014

Historical societies - a great place for research on family history

On my upcoming blog post on the A to Z challenge, specifically "Y", I bemoan the fact that my ancestors hide behind other names and make it difficult to track them. I am having trouble with Benedict Yuchli. Apparently he's not mine but belongs to other Yeakley's who are semi-related to me.

In desperation, I wrote the Cocalico, Pennsylvania historical society hoping they could direct me to some source that would help clear up the confusion. I received a reply yesterday from Cynthia Marquet, the librarian at the Cocalico Library with more information than I expected. While she could not make the connection either, she did verify some of the rest of the facts and she has also sent my questions to the Ephrata Cloister to see what they have.

Historical libraries are a great place to go to when all else fails. Actually, they are probably the first place I should go. I have had great success with not only the Cocalico library but the one in La Farge, Wisconsin. When you live in California, it is difficult to do the research in far away places. We vacation once a year in the mid-west but getting to Pennsylvania is not on the agenda.

So a big thanks to Cynthia for her help. Her response will be posted on the "Y" post that will need to be rewritten to share the new information. As I have stated before, family history is fluid and changes with the ebb and flow of facts and details. And will the real father of George Yeakley please reveal yourself!  

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  1. so we are both doing a family history theme for the A-Z! Very cool. Look forward to comparing notes. gail