Monday, March 31, 2014

52 Ancestors - Week 14 - James Augustus Jones 1841 - 1911

James Augustus Jones was my great grandfather. There is very little information on the Jones side so I am hoping that as I go through the Ancestry DNA matches, I will find someone who is related. 

We do know he married Nancy Elizabeth Findley and they had eight children, including my grandmother Nancy Ellen Jones and her twin, Allen Augustus Jones. This information is documented but beyond the children, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of clues.

James was born in Texas, verified by census reports. He was a farmer and owned his own farm. He lived his entire life in Texas. That's all the information I have. Sad isn't it?


  1. My great grandmother was Martha Jane Findley, and she was the sister to your great grandmother, Nancy Elizabeth Findley. Martha Jane married Lewis Milton Jones little information on him as well. I have often wondered if James Augustus and Lewis Milton were related in some way.

  2. Deborah, I never even saw the last names before. I guess it's time to look into it. The dates don't exactly match out so there is some more research to do and the Jones are hard to track. I'll look at it, let me know what you find. Thanks for pointing out what escaped my attention. :)

  3. My Great Grandparents are also Nancy E. Findley & James Augustus Jones.
    Their son John Calvin Jones was my Grandfather. His son John Lewis Jones was my

    father. All are deceased. Do you have confirmation of Mary Lucy Blanchard and Isaiah

    Jones being James A. Jones's parents? I could not get any info about James A.

    Jones's past online either. - (Robert W. Jones)

    1. Hi,

      I don't have a way to respond to you so I hope you find this.

      I found an 1850 Census. Hopefully, this link will work for you. This is the only place I've found that might be the parents of our illustrious ancestors. There is also a marriage license for Mary Blanchard and Isaiah Jones. In 1860, Mary L. Jones was living with what appears to be her brother with some of the kids.

      I also read somewhere (but apparently didn't document it) that James Augustus Jones was also called Gus. If you are on, I can send you a link to my tree. Finding this family is a little tough.