Friday, April 18, 2014

Commenting on blogs

This is a giant "I'm sorry" if I haven't left you a comment in several days. I have a large list of favorites that I like to visit and I am trying to get though a lot of the new blogs I haven't seen yet. I was doing a fairly good job until Wednesday. That's when there was a shooting next door and someone died.

We know bad things can happen anywhere so we accept that next door is as good as across the country but when it's next door, the daily routine changes. We were in the crime scene tape area and my husband had to be escorted out to go to work. My 13-year-old saw most of it and had to talk to the detectives. He was bummed out all day yesterday and I spent very little time with the A to Z challenge. They finally took the tape down late yesterday afternoon but it was like living in a war zone with police, forensic teams, detectives, the coroner, and other personnel. Murder is a very ugly thing and although it was not our family, we are so sad for the family next door. There are small children there and it will change them forever.

Today I am working to get back on track. I sent the boy to Sea World with some friends so he can have time away from here. I am working though the blogs because it is one of the things I really enjoy. The A to Z challenge is an amazing way to learn about all kinds of new things, get research help, and in general, travel from place to place. Right now, the A to Z is exactly where I need to be.


  1. It's okay. Life happens. People are more important than commenting on blogs. You can always catch up later, even in May!

    Maui Jungalow

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this--sorry for the family involved, and sorry for yours too. I'm sure nobody is very worried about whether you're commenting on their blog during such a horribly emotional and trying time. At least, I'm not. Please take care of your family. That's always #1. (And thanks for taking the time to let us know, too.) Peace.

  3. I am so sorry such a terrible thing happened to that family and that your family had to witness it. There is no explanation except fate when these things hit so close to home. Take care of yourself and know we are thinking of all of you.

  4. You are not the only one behind in commenting on blogs, so am I. So don't feel like you are alone in this : ) I managed to get all my blog posts done (except for today's which is Z) but decided to try to send some comments out first before I get to work on my very last blog post for the A to Z Challenge. Even though the challenge ends today I will still work on thousands of blog emails that I have until I am done. Sorry that you had to go through that! Take care.