Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Territory

Territory is an interesting concept. It can mean many things but in this post it means where my family settled.

The Yeakley's came from Pennsylvania and settled in Tennessee. Eventually, some of them migrated to Texas where they put down roots.

The Rhea's settled in Tennessee and put down roots.

The Yeakley's lived in Rheatown, Greene County, Tennessee and in Rhea County.

The Rhea's never lived in Rheatown or Greene County or Rhea County but settled in Hancock County.

So how is it my portion of the Rhea family never lived in area apparently settled by John Rhea, who might or might not have been the first Rhea in Tennessee and credited with the founding of Rhea County and Rheatown? We still can't prove our connection to John Rhea either but I know my family just didn't spring out of the soil in Hancock County. 

So now we look at Missouri. My grandmother on the Rhea side, Mellie (Farris) Rhea, was born in Eldon, MO, in Miller County. She married my grandfather in Carthage, MO, in Jasper County and they lived there until they moved to Montana.

Map of Missouri Counties

A portion of the Yeakley's landed in Greene County, Missouri, in the Springfield area.

The Rhea's and Yeakley's lived in Tennessee and Missouri. In 1900, there were 45 states. So how is it that the two very separate and distinct families all ended up in the same territory? There were 43 other states to choose from. 


  1. My father's father and his parents and grandparents were from TN. McMinn county. By way of VA and NC. I guess if our various families hadn't ended up in the same place some kind of way, we wouldn't be here to tell the tale.

  2. I know what you mean. I've looked at various lines wondering why they left their family in VA and ended up in Indiana or Tennessee or Illinois or Ohio. I just figure everybody was looking for cheap land, adventure.
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  3. These connections and chance meetings are the stuff of all the best stories. I learned fairly recently that among my distant ancestors was a man named Hughes who was the first Hughes to settle in St Louis, MO. Gasp! My husband's mom, whose middle name was Hughes, was from St Louis, MO. Looks like my husband and I might be distant cousins!

  4. I don't know why I have trouble with some BlogSpot blogs - I can read you from my I-pad, but I can't comment - it goes into a black hole. That happens with a couple other bloggers, but not all, so very frustrating. I must log onto a "real" computer, and that's not always easy for me because it aggravates a neck injury. Just know I read you every day even if you don't hear from me! I read Melinda's comment above - that seems to be happening more with geneaology research and DNA testing - I'm not sure I want to find out I'm blood relatives with my Hub!!