Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Isaiah Jones

Yipee! I think I have found the missing Jones family.

We knew my 2nd great grandmother was Lucy Jones. We did not know the name of my 2nd great grandfather other than Jones.

They had three children, James Augustus Jones, Sally, and Sammy. I know James Augustus Jones is correct but the rest was left for speculation.

James was born in Mississippi. I had Lucy's birthplace as Alabama based on notes my mom left. I could not find a Lucy Jones in Alabama with the correct birth year or even close so I changed her birthplace to Mississippi and found a census report with the children's names. However, her name was Mary L. Jones. Taking a leap of faith, I changed her name to Mary Lucy Jones and was rewarded with another census report with the same children plus one. The plus one is Hannah and she disappears before the 2nd census report so she may not have lived very long.

I actually think that this is correct although I have been disappointed before. I continued searching and found a marriage record for a Mary Lucy Blanchard and Isaiah Jones. I think this is correct too. It's fits into the timeline and it is also in Mississippi.

Now the real work begins. All of this needs to be verified so I'm going back to my DNA page to see if there is a Blanchard in any of the surnames. That's a lot of extra research but I need to be sure I am on the right track.

Still, that's the first glimmer of hope I've had in the search for Lucy's husband.


  1. I feel your excitement! I love the freedom that has come with experience to know that the "facts" aren't always consistent. My ancestors loved playing tricks with names using the first name one year, the middle name another year, being born in one state this year and a different state another year. Chalk it up to what the informant believed to be so.
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  2. Oh, good for you! With a name like Jones, I'll bet it's hard to do all that research, which is one of the reasons I'll probably never do my family history...Smith...yea, not happening!

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  3. This is fabulous. Stopping by on the 10th day of the #atozchallenge. I am going to follow you based on this presentation, clarity, uncluttered blog. Photographs precious to you and yours. You are blessed to have them. If you have time or interest, I am writing about gardening and related topics this month. Stop by if you can.

  4. HELP! I want to follow this family history blog but it is confusing where to follow. Bloglovin takes me to California Girl, which doesn't seem to be this history blog. Are you supposed to follow through Google + ??? Came close to just giving it up, wonder if other have too.

    1. That is the 2nd time this month Google has reverted to the blog from last years challenge. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for the comment.

  5. Been behind in commenting, but hope to catch up over the weekend. You are so diligent in your research!

    Maui Jungalow