Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lee Marvin Yeakley - Uncle Lee

I don't have any clear memories of my Uncle Lee. I was nine when he passed away.

Lee Marvin Yeakley was the oldest child of Ernest Marvin and Nancy Ellen. He was born on September 29, 1906 in Archer, Texas. He was 12-yrs-old when my mom was born. On June 9, 1929, he married Dorothy McWhirter. He was 22, she was 18. Their only child was Richard Lee born in 1930. Lee Marvin Yeakley passed away on November 23, 1958 at the age of 52.

Like my grandfather, he worked at the Times Publishing Company. It was his only job and according to one newspaper account, he wasn't feeling well but worked there up to the week before he died.

I knew my Aunt Dorothy and my cousin Richard Lee. Richard was called Dickie Lee by the family, even as a grown man. Since I can't seem to find a picture of Aunt Dorothy, here is a picture of Dickie Lee and his wife Movolene. Dickie Lee is still living but we lost Movolene last year. They were fun people to be around and I always enjoyed visiting with them. 


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is my pleasure to meet you. I am always interested in family history also, for without our ancestors, where would we be. Yeakley seems to me to be an uncommon name but a young couple by the last name of Yeakley were inkeepers at my bed and breakfast for a couple of years. They came to Montana from an Eastern State, perhaps one of the M. States. I'm sure all the Yeakleys were related somehow..... from way back.

  2. What interesting names in history and geographical or cultural contexts. I have never heard Movolene before. I am glad you had a photo of her. We had quite a few Richard/Dicks in my family.

  3. Dickie Lee looks a lot like his father. Isn't it funny how a childhood nickname can stick with a person throughout his life, at least within the family. I've known people who adopted a more mature nickname when they went off to college, almost like a new identity. For example, Patty became Trish.
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.